Why low-tech?

Why low-tech, you might wonder. Well, the answer is really simple. That’s the answer.

I don’t plan on spending hours on end on work and lots of money on repairs, upkeep and replacement for dozens of complicated systems. I’d rather just enjoy sailing and visiting people and places. Some people couldn’t live without running hot water. Or a fridge. Or a large flat screen TV. I can.

Simple is beautiful, less is more

To illustrate my point, here’s a video of some guys coming back to their 53-footer after a while on land. Intro is 1m30s long in case you want to skip. Or better yet, skip to 5m15s and watch from there onwards.

Now you don’t have to wonder anymore why I prefer a composting head, a simple outboard engine, water taps fed by gravity, free-standing low-tech rig etc.

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