Quick update, bought material for the noses!

So I finally went to the store and bought two sheets of 12 mm marine plywood for the nose construction. The noses will use three layers, 36 mm thick more or less. I also bought a sheet of 5 mm bendy plywood to use to construct the luff formers. This afternoon I’m going to buy the aluminium needed, which will be 6 pcs of 5 meter long 45×2 mm round tubes with 1 piece of 5 meter 50×2 mm for reinforcement at the hinges. I will also use my proposed method of attaching the nose around the mast by using aluminium tubing, and for this I will use 1 piece of 5 meter long 40×2 mm square tube.


I hope to be able to start building some time during next week. Still need to do the finishing touches to the nose design.


Shopping aluminium

Shopping aluminium!

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